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Charged with a crime at a casino pool party?

Casino pool parties are great fun, whether at Rehab, Encore Beach Club, Wet Republic, Marquee, Beachlife, Tao Beach, or other locations. What can come as a shock to those who attend these parties is that there can be real legal danger, often starting with the security pat-down upon entry. There are a large number of drug-related arrests that come about through the initial security check. Casinos want to avoid problems from law enforcement, or gaining a reputation as a venue where drugs are being used, and their security usually works closely with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. Security personnel working at these pool parties frequently contact the LVMPD when drugs or drug paraphernalia are found, or when they catch someone using drugs or selling drugs on the premises.

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Drug Charges at Las Vegas Casino Pool Parties

If you are facing drug charges after attending one of these parties, call my firm at once for assistance. Many charges filed at these parties are related to drug paraphernalia, as defined under NRS § 453.554 to NRS § 453.566, or for "possession of a controlled substance not for the purpose of sale" under NRS § 453.336 (2007). The penalties for a first time offense, depending upon the drug involved, can be filed as a Category E felony, with a sentence of 1 – 4 years. These penalties are imposed when the substance involved is Schedule 1, which includes drugs such as ecstasy, PCP, meth, heroin, hydrocodone, cocaine, Ritalin, steroids, Valium, Rohypnol, Xanax, and others.

Any criminal charges filed at a Las Vegas pool party is a serious situation that must be carefully and professionally addressed if you are hoping to avoid penalties. At my firm, we care about each client and his or her future freedom and rights, and will seek out the legal solution that will best serve the individual case, based upon the evidence and other factors in the case. Whether we pursue a reduced charge, a dismissed charge, an acquittal in court or alternative sentencing will be determined after we review your situation. Many criminal cases actually have serious flaws that can be exploited for the defense, including rights violations. Call my firm for more information.

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