After Being Charged with DUI

Defense from a Las Vegas DUI Attorney

If an officer pulls you over under suspicion they can choose to arrest you after findings of a BAC level over .08% or under their discretion even if your BAC level is under the legal limit. After you are formally charged with DUI in Nevada, you will face two separate procedures: the DMV hearing and the criminal court process.

What You Need to Know About Your DMV Hearing

You have only 7 days to request an administrative hearing following a DUI arrest in Nevada. A Las Vegas DUI lawyer can file the formal request for a hearing and can represent you during this in order to help ensure that your driving privileges are reinstated. This hearing works like a court trial, but an administrative judge will act as both prosecutor and judge and there will be no jury present. Your DMV hearing is completely separate from criminal court proceedings and is done with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Criminal Court Proceedings After a DUI

Nevada DUI proceedings in criminal court will involve the determination of exactly what charges the defendant will face (for example, misdemeanor or felony DUI charges) and therefore what penalties may be imposed if the defendant is convicted. Your defense attorney will have the chance to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to reach a plea bargain if this is in your best interests. The case will then progress to trial if a plea agreement is not reached beforehand.

The majority of DUI cases in the area are tried at the Regional Justice Center in downtown Las Vegas. After a verdict is reached, sentencing will be determined by the judge. In order to avoid the criminal penalties that come with a Las Vegas or Henderson DUI conviction, you need an attorney on your side through the criminal process.

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