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Any DUI should be given serious attention, but if charged with a felony DUI, it is important to act fervently.

When accused of drinking and driving, there are a number of outcomes that can result. Each situation may vary, and the charges will differ as well. Generally speaking, the majority of DUI charges in the area are misdemeanors. These are punishable by a maximum of 12 months in county jail and fines. In some situations,

DUI may be charged as a felony and this means that the defendant will face more extreme penalties. Felony offenses are more serious and may be punishable by a minimum of 1 year in state prison and heavier fines.

Charges and Resulting Penalties

A third DUI offense or DUI causing injury or death are charges which are classified as felony DUI offenses in Nevada. In the face of these serious criminal charges, it is crucial that you consult a defense lawyer as soon as you can. Your freedom is on the line, and acting quickly is the best way to help ensure that your lawyer has the opportunity to be effective and help you reach the best possible outcome for your particular case.

DUI causing injury or death may result in a state prison sentence of anywhere from 2 years to 20 years, depending upon the circumstances. A third DUI conviction may result in heavy fines, community service and up to 6 years in prison. Law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges take felony DUI charges very seriously and will seek to impose the harshest penalties upon offenders.

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