Child Abuse Charges

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Child abuse is considered one of the most serious forms of domestic violence, and these offenses are harshly prosecuted throughout Nevada. Because a child is the alleged victim, the offender faces particularly severe criminal penalties as well as a number of other negative effects of a conviction, including job loss, a ruined reputation, damaged personal and professional relationships, and loss of custody of children.

Being labeled a “child abuser” can literally ruin your life. That is why I take my job so seriously. As an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, I understand the exact repercussions of a child abuse conviction and how it will impact a defendant’s life. As such, I use my experience as a former prosecutor and my knowledge and skills as a defense lawyer to provide the highest quality representation possible. Contact my firm for a free case evaluation, and I will review your particular situation in order to determine what I can do to help you. It is my goal to minimize the initial charges you face as well as the penalties that you may face.

Through a thorough investigation and aggressive courtroom litigation, I will strive to prove factual innocence or instances of constitutional rights violations which will strengthen your side of the story and weaken the prosecution’s case against you.

Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada

Child abuse charges may include: emotional abuse, physical abuse, neglect, social abuse, sexual abuse, child endangerment or similar actions. Penalties may vary depending upon any injuries the child suffers, the defendant’s prior record of similar offenses, the nature of the abuse and the jurisdiction. It is important to consult a child abuse defense attorney in your area as soon as possible if you have been accused of abusing a child.

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