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Sexual abuse is a form of domestic violence which is harshly prosecuted by law enforcement, judges and prosecutors throughout Nevada. Because this offense is related to sexual deviancy or forced sexual acts, the social stigma associated with sexual abuse cases is highly negative. If convicted, you may have to register as a sex offender – and this means reporting your places of residence and employment with local law enforcement, and that the public will have access to your contact information, name and the offense you were found guilty of committing.

Immediate, aggressive representation by an experienced defense attorney will be crucial so you can avoid the many negative repercussions of a sexual abuse conviction. My name is Chip Siegel, and I am a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor who is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality legal counsel throughout the life of their case. I understand that sexual abuse charges are some of the most serious domestic violence-related charges that a person can face, due to their nature. I further understand how to use my knowledge of Nevada legislation and case law in order to challenge these charges – and WIN.

Clark County Sexual Abuse Charges and Domestic Violence

Sexual abuse may include acts such as: child abuse, child molestation, spousal rape, fondling, touching, forced sexual acts, rape, date rape, sexual battery and other similar acts. Penalties for sexual abuse may include imprisonment in state prison or county jail, fines, community service and sex offender registration. These will vary depending upon the case, the offender’s record and the jurisdiction.

The right criminal defense lawyer will make all the difference in the outcome of your sexual abuse charges. Let me review your charges and prove to you how a skilled Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer can help with your case.

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