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Accused of leaving the scene of an accident?

Las Vegas car accidents are a common occurrence. Most drivers will be involved in an auto accident at some point in their lives, and as such it is important to understand your obligations if you are involved in an accident. In Nevada, a driver may be charged with the criminal offense of hit and run if he or she willfully leaves the scene of an accident. It doesn't matter which driver was at fault or if no injury resulted. Both drivers are still required to remain at the scene to exchange information with the other driver involved. If property damage alone results, and the owner of the property cannot be immediately located, the driver may leave a visible note with his or her information for the property owner to contact him or her.

Have you been accused of a hit and run? Have you been notified by law enforcement that you are the suspect in an investigation regarding a hit and run accident? It is important to consult with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You have the right to challenge your charges, but you will need to involve a legal professional who can properly approach your defense in order to offer you the best opportunity at a positive case result - one that does not include imprisonment and other serious penalties.

Penalties for a Hit & Run Conviction

If a defendant is convicted of hit and run in the Las Vegas area, he or she may face varied penalties. If the accident resulted in property damage alone or only very minor injuries, it may be charged as a misdemeanor, where the maximum penalty would be imprisonment in county jail for up to 1 year. If serious bodily injury or death resulted, however, the defendant may face felony charges and years in state prison. Additional penalties may include fines, driver's license suspension, points on the defendant's driving record, community service, probation, and mandatory alcohol counseling/treatment.

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