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What is a Traffic Control Device Violation?

Simply put, traffic control devices are signs, signals, pavement markings, or any other device placed along streets and highways to help drivers safely operate their vehicles by guiding traffic movement, controlling traffic speeds, and warning drivers of potentially hazardous conditions. They can also provide drivers with important information about closed lanes, detours, or traffic delays.

All drivers are required to abide by traffic control devices or risk getting a ticket. If you have received a traffic ticket for violating a traffic control device, an experienced Las Vegas traffic ticket lawyer can help you contest your ticket. I am attorney Chip Siegel, and I have experience representing clients who have been issued traffic tickets for a number of traffic control device violations, such as:

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While most traffic control device violations are considered simple moving violations, it is still important that you take your situation seriously and do what you can to get your ticket dismissed. Many people who receive these types of tickets make the mistake of just paying the fine and attending traffic school. In doing so, you are basically admitting that you are guilty of the offense. And while you will not go to jail for this offense, this ticket will appear on your driving record and points will be assessed to your driving record. This can lead to license suspension, increased insurance costs, and more.

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