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Anyone can face charges for driving under the influence. Adults may be arrested if they are found to have a BAC level of 0.08% or above, or if they exhibit an inability to drive regardless of if their BAC level is under the legal limit. Drunk driving charges in the state of Nevada will come with a hefty fine, even in the most minimal circumstances.

A basic charge will be considered a misdemeanor, however, charges can be increased up to a felony. While an adult may be granted some grace, those under the legal drinking age can deal with harsher penalties. Fortunately, law enforcement often looks to rehabilitate and this can be used when looking to avoid some of the life damaging penalties that come from a DUI charge. Seek experienced legal representation from a Las Vegas DUI lawyer if you are facing these charges.

Zero Tolerance Laws for Underage Drinkers

The zero tolerance policy taken by many states means just that; underage individuals caught operating a vehicle under the influence will not be granted any tolerance. Unlike adults who can drive with a BAC up to 0.08 percent, people under the age of 21 cannot drive with a detectable amount of alcohol in their systems reaching 0.02%.

Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials take the zero-tolerance policy very seriously, and typically do not let anyone off easy who has been arrested for drinking and driving. A sentencing is increased for a second, third and each additional offense after that, meaning those convicted will face longer jail time, higher fines and more.

Penalties You Can Expect

A minor can face detrimental repercussions as a result of being found guilty, including preventing them from being able to drive with a minimum license suspension of 90 days and even impacting their school life. They may face a wide range of consequences, including:

  • Being suspended or expelled from school
  • Being forced to drop out of extracurricular activities
  • Trouble getting into college

This zero tolerance regulation serves to limit the amount of drinking and driving, and to discourage underage drinking as well. Legally, those under the age of 21 are required to submit to testing and the findings of this test can either be used against them or used in their defense when brought to court. Punishments can include fines, between two days to six months in jail or juvenile hall, a victim impact panel carried out by MADD, educational program and seven year period before criminal records can be sealed.

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