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Have you been accused of writing a bad check? Criminal charges related to bad checks can make a time when finances are tight even more difficult for you to deal with, leading to additional financial difficulties and stress. As a Las Vegas bad check attorney serving clients throughout Las Vegas, it is my goal to provide my clients with the support and representation they need in the face of bad check charges to avoid these negative consequences. If you'd like to talk about your case and what services I can provide to assist you, feel free to contact my office today. Your initial consultation is free and confidential.

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In Nevada, it is a crime to knowingly issue a bad check. If you are accused of writing a bad check and do not swiftly resolve the matter, you may actually face criminal charges. A bad check valued at more than $250 may actually result in you facing felony charges and the potential of imprisonment in state prison. Casino markers are handled on similar principles, making owing a debt to a casino a real criminal offense rather than a civil matter as it is in other areas.

What Happens if You Write a Bad Check at a Casino?

Passing bad checks or casino markers can result in thousands of dollars in fines, in addition to restitution, and potentially up to 4 years in prison. In most cases, the casino just wants to be paid. If you cannot immediately pay off a debt, you should obtain legal assistance as soon as possible after being accused of passing a worthless check or bad casino marker. Prosecutors will go after payment and file criminal charges against those who commit what is legally a form of fraud and often amounts to a felony. Issuing a check to a casino and you don't have the funds is considered fraud under Nevada law (NRS 205.130). Very small debts may be written off. But each casino, hotel, or other Las Vegas business has its own rules about what size of debt cannot be ignored. Many have zero-tolerance policies. Still, a casino won’t turn to the district attorney’s office unless the gambler will not respond to demands, negotiate payment, or cannot be found.

Accused of writing a bad check?

It happens that we sometimes lose track of our finances and write a bad check. We may have done this accidentally and now find that we are facing criminal charges. Or, we may have been wrongfully accused of issuing a bad check to an individual or company. Whatever the circumstances, I strive to utilize all of my resources and my more than 25 years of criminal law experience as I assist my clients in the face of their bad check charges in the Las Vegas area. My goal will be to prove that you did not knowingly attempt fraud by issuing a bad check, whether this is accomplished by proving the allegations were false or that you did not intentionally commit this offense. Find out more about the services I can provide as a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to fight your bad check charges.

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