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Building a Defense Against Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving that causes an accident is the most serious drunk driving-related charges that a driver can face. Thousands of accidents occur each year and the CDC has reported that in 2009 around 1.4 million people were arrested for being suspected of driving under the influence. In Nevada, this is a felony offense and a conviction may result in mandatory imprisonment in a state correctional facility along with heavy fines and other penalties.

Those found responsible for an accident that caused an injury or death will also deal with an increase in their sentencing. If you are facing any type of DUI charge, seek assistance from a Las Vegas DUI attorney right away!

DUI Penalties You May Face

The specific penalties for a DUI accident that results in another's injury or death will vary based on various factors, such as:

  • The circumstances of the accident itself
  • The extent of injuries the victim suffers
  • The number of people injured
  • Wehther the defendant has a prior criminal record
  • Any prior DUI convictions
  • The defendant's blood alcohol concentration

In general, however, DUI causing injury or death in Nevada may be punishable by:

  • Category B Felony charges
  • $2,000 to $5,000 in fines
  • 2 to 20 years in state prison

Not everyone involved in an accident is under the influence, but many are wrongfully accused. If convicted, a number of penalties can be imposed, including the loss of driving privileges. This can be through a suspension or revocation and the length of time will be dependent on the extent of the situation.

Those who have faced convictions in the past for driving while intoxicated will often have a lengthier license suspension. An attorney can look to gain back some of those rights by scheduling a DMV Hearing. Defense is crucial and there are numerous defense tactics that can be used to prove your innocence or reduce charges when the punishment does not fit the crime.

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