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Charges for Multiple DUI Offenses

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Driving under the influence is an action that can come with various penalties that will depend on the circumstances involved such as:

  • Blood alcohol content (BAC) level of the driver
  • If there was an accident
  • If a minor was in the vehicle
  • If the alleged offender has a past criminal history

A first offense can come with damaging results, but a second, third and any additional offenses will only have an increased punishment. A driver may be arrested for having a high BAC level, but even if it is below the legal limit, they can still be arrested under the judgment of the officer. The terms of this law are outlined in NRS §484C.400. Do you need a lawyer for a multiple DUI offense in Las Vegas? Seek experienced and aggressive representation from a Las Vegas DUI attorney today!

Increasing Penalties for Multiple Convictions

As with most criminal charges, the higher number of convictions, the greater the penalties will be. The specific penalties that you will face for multiple DUI offenses will vary depending upon the number of previous convictions you have. For example, a first DUI conviction may result in only misdemeanor charges and the offender may be able to receive alternative sentencing in order to avoid jail time.

A second offense within a seven year period may also be considered a misdemeanor. A third conviction within seven years, however, may result in felony charges, a mandatory state imprisonment term of one year and up to $5,000 in fines.

Additional penalties may be assessed if the defendant has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.18% or higher, or was accused of causing an auto accident which resulted in serious bodily injury or death to others. There are questions that must be addressed in order to evaluate the validity of breath and blood test results, field sobriety tests and all aspects of your case.

You deserve dedicated representation through all criminal proceedings and at your DMV hearing. This will only be more difficult because you have prior convictions on your record, and you need a Las Vegas DUI attorney who can still handle your case effectively even in the face of these priors.

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