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A person is guilty of robbery when they forcibly take property or money of the person of another without their permission. This act often includes violence or threat of violence against the individual, their family, or another person in proximity at the time of the robbery. This is not the same as petty theft, shoplifting, or burglary since it involves taking property directly from the person or from their direct control. If convicted of robbery, you could face time in jail and high fines. The penalties are even more severe if it is armed robbery involving the display or use of a deadly weapon. Such weapons can be anything from a rock to a knife, though the most serious penalties are for armed robbery with a firearm, shotgun, rifle, or assault weapon.

If you are convicted of robbery, the consequences can extend beyond prison and fines. You will have a serious black mark on your criminal record that is visible by anyone who conducts a background search, such as a potential employer. Your employer, friends, and family will have less respect or trust for you and will be far more hesitant to place you in a position of authority or responsibility over anything of value. Consult with a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer right away if you've been arrested for robbery.

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Chip Siegel is a former prosecutor with a personal understanding of both sides of the criminal process. With such knowledge and experience, he is especially qualified to build a strong defense against your robbery charges and obtain a reduction or dismissal. The firm is prepared to fight tirelessly in your defense and will carefully investigate your charges to defend you thoroughly.

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