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Child Abuse Fugitives Apprehended in Las Vegas


A couple accused of locking a 9-year-old boy in a small box was caught in Las Vegas this week after the Clark County courts declared that they had been arrested on multiple warrants of assault on a child. According to Fox News, the man and woman both identified themselves and were handcuffed and taken to a Clark County Detention Center. Their main crime consists of locking a 9-year-old boy in an 8-by-6 wooden box. The police found out about the boy's devastating living conditions when he ran away from the home last year.

Both parents have been formerly charged with one count of injury to a child after they also forced the little boy to do push-ups when they believed that he was acting out of line. The male in the partnership also has a charge for choking the boy. At present, the police say they are not certain why the couple chose to hide out in Vegas, but are very thankful that the child abusers have been discovered. A 72-hour hearing was scheduled for Thursday, and the Clark County District Attorney's Office says that both partner waived extradition. This means that they will be returning to Galveston, where they are originally from, for the trial.

If you have been accused of assault on a child in Las Vegas, then the charges can be serious. Most of the time, it will result in up to one year in imprisonment and thousands of dollars in fines. There are many times that individuals can be charged with assault on a child only to later discover that the charges were exaggerated. For example, if a child is angry with you, he or she may allege that you abuse him or her, even when this is not true. If you want more information about assault on a child crimes, or if you need defense in your child abuse or domestic violence allegations, discuss you case with a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer the Law Office of Chip Siegel today.