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All About the Law Office of Chip Siegel ESQ.


Were you accused of a crime in Las Vegas? The law enforcement officers and courts in this area are insistent on keeping crime down; therefore they can be ruthless when individuals are accused of carious offenses. If you have been charged with any type of criminal action, the first, essential step towards freedom from your charge is to hire a dedicated and hardworking attorney. Without a diligent lawyer, you may end up going to jail for your crimes and never even having the chance to plead with the courts. You have the right to an attorney, so you should make sure to use that right to its fullest. If you are a Las Vegas resident, The Law Office of Chip Siegel can furnish you with an attorney that you can trust.

The lawyers at this firm can tackle casino marker crimes, casino pool party offenses, theft crimes, prostitution allegations, hit & run accidents, weapon offenses, violent crimes, drug charges, domestic violence issues, assault & battery charges, or DUI crimes. Attorney Siegel has been working in Las Vegas as a defense attorney since 1991, so he has almost 22 years of experience that he can put to your case. In addition to this, he has been recognized by attorney review services because of his hard work and impressive work ethic.

The Nevada State Bar presented the Law Office of Chip Siegel with the Outstanding Service Award of 2006 in that year because the firm has been prominent and stood out from the rest when it comes to superb criminal defense. In addition, Attorney Siegel was presented with the Clients' Choice Award of 2012 from Avvo. Attorney Siegel has an Avvo 10.0 superb rating.. This is a rare opportunity honor that is only granted to attorneys that show impressive experience, a spotless record of professional conduct, and a high respect among others in the industry.

The Law Offices of Chip Siegel has been reviewed by 149 individuals on Avvo, and almost all of these are positive reviews. You can read these glowing praises about the firm by clicking here. Attorney Siegel has also been endorsed by many lawyers in the professional realms who have seen his work and recognize that he is a hardworking and up standing citizen that truly works to provide for his clients in any way that he can.

Attorney Siegel is a member of the State Bar of Nevada Attorney Discipline Board, which means that he is held to the highest standard above reproach. As well, he used to be President of the Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice, where he furthered his study of criminal law and determined how to help individuals that have been accused of crimes. In recent years Attorney Siegel also wrote a book called Knowing the Ins and Outs of the Plea Negotiation Process which has become a valuable resource to attorneys and clients alike.

Because of his knowledge and the respect that Attorney Siegel has received over the years, he has also been asked to speak at a variety of conferences. In the past, he has spoken on DUI defense at the National Association of Criminal Justice conference and at a Trying Your First DUI Case workshop. He has also been featured on local television stations, in newspapers, and on cable programs to touch on issues within the Nevada legal system or commented on headlining cases. He has also been referenced in media programs throughout the state of Nevada. If you want to learn more about this hardworking and impressive attorney, then you can visit a variety of directories which have profiles about the Law Offices of Chip Siegel.

The firm is featured on HGInsider Pages, Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle, and Yelp. The firm is located on Twitter and Facebook as well if you use these social media outlets and would like to receive regular updates from the firm. The firm also maintains a blog which has valuable information about criminal defense if you want more information. With the right attorney on your side, you will be able to learn about your crime and understand the implications of a conviction.

Before you commit to working with the Law Office of Chip Siegel, you will be able to take advantage of our free case evaluation at the firm. This offer is extended to all individuals interested in working with the firm. To get your case evaluation, you can fill out the form on the website and provide your name, e-mail, street address and details about your case.

Attorney Siegel used to work as a Deputy District Attorney, which is how he obtained many of his skills and much of his knowledge. When he was a District Attorney, he was expected to work closely with those in law enforcement and to learn all the ins and outs of laws in the state. He uses this knowledge and his understanding of the other side of law to now represent the individuals of Nevada who have been accused of a crime.

If you are interested in hiring this accomplished attorney, then you need to call the firm today at (702) 430-7531. You can also contact the firm by using the e-mail feature on the website or you can visit the firm offices at 601 South 7th Street Las Vegas, NV 89101. You can learn more about the firm by visiting their recent results and testimonials page. Don't settle for less than you deserve when you are going through a criminal defense trial. The results of your trial could have lifelong implications, so you should never take this sort of thing lightly. Instead, you should look for a well-respected and well-reviewed Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer who can take your case to the courts and give you a good chance of a positive outcome.