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Police Continue Investigation into Vegas Strip Shooting


The beloved Las Vegas Strip was left in flames after a shooting led to an intersection wreck and the death of 4 people. Police investigators have identified two persons of interest in the tragic incident. Aspiring rapper Kenny Clutch was driving his Maserati down the strip with a female passenger when shots were fired at his car from a black Range Rover SUV. The gunfire caused the Maserati to run a red light where it collided with a taxi vehicle and burst into flames. The rapper, the taxi driver and the taxi passenger were all killed due to the shooting and subsequent car fire. A passenger in the Maserati during the time of the incident was left injured due to the accident as well.

Family and friends of the late rapper are still reeling at the sudden death of their loved one. They claim that his death is even more shocking because he had not been involved any criminal activity before or during the time that the shooting occurred. The rapper's girlfriend vehemently refuted media claims that Clutch was a pimp, assuring the public that the deceased was always kind, gentle and selfless to his family, including her and their young daughter. She insists that Cherry was focused on his rap career and was not engaged in any kind of criminal activity. Family and friends of the other victims have expressed their intense grief at the uncalled for and untimely death of their loved ones as well.

Police have identified a 26-year-old male as the shooter in the incident. T.H., the suspected shooter remains at large with a warrant issuing his arrest for three counts of murder. Metro Police have also identified 22-year-old T.L. as a passenger in the Range Rover at the time of the shooting. The Cuban woman has been listed missing and could possibly be in danger, according to local authorities. In the past, she has been arrested on counts of trespassing, possession of a stolen vehicle, grand larceny and numerous counts of soliciting prostitution.

Police believe that the shooting occurred as a result after a verbal altercation between the rapper and T.H., which is thought to have taken place at the Aria casino. The black Range Rover involved in the incident has been found and taken into police custody. Warrants for the arrest of the above mentioned suspects have been issued. Metro Police have requested that anyone with information about the two individuals involved in the shooting contact them immediately.

Las Vegas has always been a center of exciting activity. Unfortunately, more often than desired, that activity carries negative qualities. Metro Police in Las Vegas have become aggressive in prosecuting suspected criminals. It is highly advised that anyone caught on the wrong side of an incident such as this should hire adequate legal representation. If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges, contact a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney immediately to discuss your case.