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Are you a commercial driver? Have you recently been issued traffic ticket? If so, it is crucial that you take the necessary legal steps to fight your ticket. For anyone who is not a commercial driver, receiving a traffic ticket may seem like nothing more than a mere annoyance. You have to go to court, pay a fine, and go to traffic school. In more serious cases, you may have to go to trial. The same thing holds true for commercial drivers, except the stakes are much higher.

If a commercial driver receives a ticket or is convicted of a more serious traffic offense, such as DUI, he or she could lose their commercial driver's license (CDL). Without a valid CDL, a driver will no longer be able to work, which is not only financially very stressful, but also highly damaging to one's livelihood. Furthermore, it is very important for commercial drivers to maintain an immaculate driving record. Not only could a driver lose his or her CDL if he or she receives too many traffic tickets within a period of time, but prospective employers may not hire someone who has a traffic ticket on their record.

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Even if this is your first ticket, you should take the time to fight your citation. Should you receive another ticket in the near future, you will be in a very serious predicament. To ensure you have the guidance you need to properly contest your ticket, it is best to work with a Las Vegas traffic ticket attorney who has experience representing commercial drivers.

I am attorney Chip Siegel, and I have helped commercial drivers throughout Clark County fight all types of traffic tickets and violations, including:

With so much at stake, be sure to protect your best interests by working with a Las Vegas traffic ticket lawyer who can help you effectively fight your ticket. As someone who has been handling traffic tickets matters for more than 10 years, let me use my experience and knowledge of the law to help you resolve your case in the best possible outcome!

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